Meet-up FAQs

1. What is a Meet-Up?

Meet-ups are events hosted by people of HighView that involve interests or passions of the host person. Meet-ups connect people around common interests that exist in our church community. Whether it’s soccer, gardening, hiking, or a special cause—anyone can host or join a Meet-up centered on something you’re interested in. Here are some examples of good meet-up activities:

  • Men’s Prayer Breakfast
  • Running / Biking
  • Young Mom’s Playdate
  • Trivia / Game Nights
  • Grilling / BBQ
  • Cooking Class
  • Play / Watch Sports
  • Just About Anything!

2. Are Meet-ups planned or supervised by HighView Church?

Meet-ups are events hosted independently by people that attend HighView Church. These events are not planned or coordinated by HighView Church, but rather by the host themselves. HighView Church only communicates the existence of the Meet-up and provides a way for people to keep track of participants through our group’s system.

3. Can anyone host a Meet-up?

Yes, we’ve made it simple and easy to host a Meet-up. Just visit the to find more information and be sure to click on the Host A Meet-Up button to get started. Once we have all of your Meet-up information we’ll have you fill out the waiver and a quick background check for you as the host. We’ll post and communicate all the Meet-up details to the church and you can prepare for hosting your Meet-up.

4. Are Meet-ups different or separate from studies or Gospel Communities?

Meet-ups, Studies, and Gospel Communities are meant to be complementary and mutually beneficial activities for people within HighView Church. Whereas groups will usually be a fairly regular activity (weekly or every other week meetings), Meet-ups are one-off events or events with a frequency of once a month or less. Whereas groups will usually have the same participants each time from the startup, Meet-ups are encouraged for anyone to attend each time. If groups form out of Meet-ups, that is terrific. If groups want to host Meet-ups so that more people can be involved, that is wonderful.

5. What if my Meet-Up fills up?

Please email Pastor Tyler at, and we will no longer publicly list your group so that no one else tries to sign up.

6. What if my Meet-up doesn’t have enough people who signed up?

Don’t worry, we can cancel or postpone your event this time around and reorganize for a future date or with a new idea.

7. What if my Meet-up has costs involved?

This is not a problem as long as you communicate those costs clearly on the sign-up form and how those costs will be handled (ie. Registrations, Transportation, tickets, etc.).

8.What should I do after my Meet-Up?

Follow up! Send an email, text, or a letter thanking everyone for coming. If you plan to host the meet-up again. Let everyone know. Invite them to church, a study, a Gospel Community. The Goal of meet-ups is to create relationships that can grow into fruitful discipleship opportunities.

9. How will people find out about my Meet-up?

People will find out through all the streams of communication that HighView utilizes in addition to all of the ways the host creatively communicates their Meet-up. This will include, but not limited to, listing on the community webpage, announcements on Sundays, on the HighView Church App, social media, and other forms of communication. We’re always open to other ideas.