At Our Best, At Our Worst

Text: 1 Samuel 26:1-12
Preached by: Terry Wofford




David at His Best - Trusting God to Save

  • Why did David refuse to kill Saul for a second time? (Chapter 26)
  • What does this show about his trust in God's timing and sovereignty? 
  • Why should we trust God with the circumstances of life?

David at His Worst - Saving Himself by His Own Hand

  • David is diverted from committing a murderous atrocity by the intervention of a wise woman. Ultimately an act of a sovereign God. (Chapter 25)
  • In what ways does God save us from ourselves? Why do we need this? 
  • How important is wise, and godly counsel in Christian life?
  • Where do we find this godly council?

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