Life on the Run

Preached By: Chad Williams
Text: 1 Samuel 21:1-9




1. Running to Worship

  • What is the significance of David running to the tabernacle? 
  • What things do we run to other than the Lord in times of trouble? 
  • David lied to the priest in order to gain favor with him. What does this tell us about David? 
  • What dangers do "little sins" pose to us? How do we "kill" these little sins? 

2. Receiving Mercy

  • Read Matthew 12:1-7 
  • How does Jesus' explanation of this story reveal the intended purpose of the law? "Mercy over sacrifice."
  • How does Jesus satisfy us as the bread of life? 

3. Remembering Victories

  • Why is it important to remember "victories" that God has provided.
  • How does this bring encouragement to the child of God? 

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