Truth and Lies

Preached by: Chad Williams
Text: 1 Samuel 15:10-23




Part 1: Lies that Destroy

  •  Lie #1: Partial obedience is still obedience.
    • Where do we see this lie in the story of Saul? 
    • What are some specific ways that we justify partial obedience in our lives? 
  • Lie #2: My good works are enough. 
  • Lie #3: I can justify myself.
    • How do these two lies work together?
    • Why do we want to think we can justify ourselves?
    • How do all three of these lies destroy our walk with the Lord?

Part 2: Truth that Transforms

  • How do we fight lies with truth about who God is? 
  • What are some examples of truths we can trust to put the lies of sin to death?

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