Faithless or Faithful?

Preached by: Chad Williams
Text: 1 Samuel 13-14




Part 1 The Faithless King (1 Sam 13)

  • According to this story what was Saul's major error? 
  • Why is waiting on God often so difficult? 
  • Chad defined Waiting on God as "When our expectations do not sync up with God’s timing."
  • We looked as common examples of this tension with "You thought __________ (expectation) would happen by now." statements. How would you fill in this blank? What areas of life have you experienced this kind of waiting on God?  
  • Why does being overwhelmed by circumstances and being perplexed by God’s timing often lead to disobedience to God?

Part 2: The Faithful Son (1 Sam 14)

Through out the series we have looked at how 1 Samuel fits into the broad themes of Scripture.
  • How does Jonathan, Samuel's son, become a picture of Christ in this narrative? 
  • Jonathan "descends" into the battle and "ascends" triumphantly, bringing victory to God's people. How does this story point us to Jesus, the faithful son of God?

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