Hearing God

Preached By: Chad Williams
Text: 1 Samuel 3:1-14



Part 1: God Still Speaks

  • Why is hearing from God the greatest need for God's people? 
  • How does the church today play a role in being God's "lamp" in the world?

Part 2: Barriers to Hearing God

  • What are the barriers to hearing from God? 
  • How does unbelief hinder God's word from being heard? 
  • How can sin hinder God's word from being heard?

Part 3: How to Hear God

  • What are the ways that God speaks to his today?
    • The Scripture - Psalm 119:105
    • The Spirit - John 16:7-14 
    • The Son - Read Hebrews 1:1-4
  • How do these three work together to encourage and strengthen believers? 

Next Steps

  1. As a group, talk about any current barriers you might be experiencing the areas of unbelief and sin.
  2. Pray asking for ears to hear God's words, and hearts to believe and trust what he says. 
  3. Talk about practical ways that you can be "God's lamps" for one another as the church by reminding one another of God's word.